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A series of pitched roofs were raised as high as possible, within strict height restrictions imposed by neighbouring houses to achieve the angular aesthetic enjoyed by the client. Extensive glazing to the north provides unobstructed views of Lake Wanaka. Timber, stone, render and metal claddings help define separate zones whilst allowing the building to sit comfortably into its surrounding environment.


Given the couple’s love for the outdoors the connection between interior and exterior is particularly important to this home. A local stone clad wall extends from the living room through to the outdoor deck, connecting and creating flow through these spaces and highlighting the entry. A door from the master ensuite allows easy access to and from the outdoor hot tub, and a drying space accessed via the garage provides a functional drop off spot after a day on the slopes. 


Our clients are now able to enjoy a functional, beautiful new home whilst admiring one of the best views that Aotearoa has to offer.

Architectural Design - Threefold Architecture

Photography - Jamie Cobel

Our clients love their location, and with very good reason. The elevated corner site boasts clear views across Roy’s Bay in Wanaka and deserved an architectural response which took full advantage of the views.  


Functionality was key in the new build, which was a collaboration between Turnkey Homes and Threefold Architecture. The couple were keen on hiking, skiing, cycling, and boating, as well as practicing yoga. One is also an MG car enthusiast which meant a high stud garage with the ability to double stack vehicles was a must. Additional space for family visiting from Australia was also important whilst maintaining the ability for privacy for both families by creating purpose-built spaces. 


With all of this in mind, the full site has been fully utilised. The design makes use of the previously ‘wasted’ space by expanding the building footprint and hugging the southern boundary to allow for multiple pockets of northern living spaces. Boasting 3 bedrooms, generously sized living areas, a double garage, yoga studio, an evening deck, and morning patio, this home provides solutions for all the client’s requirements. Thoughtful storage solutions have been included for a range of outdoor activity equipment, and a hoist installed in the garage means the MGs can be stored atop each other whilst still leaving space for the family car.